Homography quad grid


i try to get a homogeneous gray gradient over serveral homography-quads
for each quad it works fine, but for the complete area,
i think there is a sort bug

and i don`t see it …


Grid.v4p (36.9 kB)

for that you have to reorder the homography transforms, that each of them is repeated 25 times that the slices in the spread of quads are sorted by position. then the color slices will distribute correct over the quads. see patch:

Grid2.v4p (36.9 kB)

thanks for helping by the homography problem …
now i try to get to this result( see renderer grid3.v4p) automatically
whitout manual sorting

Grid3.v4p (39.9 kB)

i don’t understand… just use my patch… it does exactly this… check the width inputs of the LinearSpreads in my patch.
here an even improved version which works for all spread counts.

Grid4.v4p (37.5 kB)

there is a small diffence in the grayscale-grid between
grid 4 and grid 3, see attached file

there is no file, but i got it now, sorry… but yes, you can do that as well by thinking about the spread order of the transforms… not time right now, i am on site.

do you mean this? “Grid5.v4p”
reordering the transforms and stay variable in the quadcount and homographycount
a little bit confuse but it works
greetz ceeyaa

Grid_try5 (57.9 kB)