Homography on TextureWindow

I recently had my performance debut with Gamma and I am using the excellent Stride texture filters to have nice feedback loops.

It all ends up in a TextureWindow.

I needed to adjust the output to fit the projection, I usually do that with homography in Beta, and I was happy to find homography in gamma, but I couldn’t figure out how to use homography with a TextureWindow. And I didn’t have time to actually dig into it other than conclude that the homography help files are not usable in this particular case, so I used spout to Beta and did the adjustment there, it worked, but it would be more elegant to do it in gamma/stride,

So is it currently possible to do in gamma without adding a RenderWindow with a quad in it


What is so bad about that? The TextureWindow is just a shortcut for these 2 nodes…

Also, check the help patches of NuGet Gallery | VL.BadMapper 0.0.19-alpha for a convenient homography mapping workflow with the mouse.

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