Homography and warping texture?

hey guys i have a simple question that im sure that its easy to solve,
im using homography to warp a texture, but i have only 4 control points
is there something with more points like 3x3 or 4x4 grid to map a quad with a texture to a specific location ?

and one more thing, i just install vvvv 28 with addonpack
i unzipped all with 7zip. All the texture filters from addonpack works fine
but im missing a node, +Value Spectral Advanced from VectorSized.dll its missing. The .dll its on the folder, if i drag it manualy i see the list of nodes inside the .dll but it create the +node RED.

im using this example.zip , please check _main.v4p

Tnks, Andres

example.zip (22.2 kB)

hei vjc4 please don’t put two totally unrelated questions in one thread.
concerning your second problem: i just opened your patches with beta28 and it works without problems. are you sure you used beta28 and not an earlier alpha?

I haven’t got Windows here at hand but look for the point editor or grid editor.you can even deconstruct a normal grid and re buffer the vertices