Homing MIssile


hard time describing this…
trying to make some sort of homing missile animation.

so im using the heading node to rotate missile towards target.

I want to do it so when the target changes direction, the missile maintains forward movement thus making an arc as it tries to lookat target again.

im missing something.

hope im making sense

SmoothFollow.v4p (17.3 kB)

rotate (successive vector)

make target angle point towards target - subtract missle position from target position to get the look at vector

sorry, wasnt very clear, or useful. Will send patch when less drunk :)

you should be able to make a nice missiles launcher with this contrib


friday night nerd fun.

This sort of thing?

SmoothFollow2.v4p (19.4 kB)

@sapo i thought of it but seems a bit overkill for this, also i think it has the same problem

@guest uhh, i dont see any difference from my patch, is there something?

the problem is that the missile should never rotate around its own axis when
changing direction

here ya go

check direction
align direction (over time / ie not immediately)

missile.v4p (20.3 kB)

…so lets build geometry wars - retro evvvvolved

great patch, danke mrboni.

white house we re coming :)

smile for the nsa :)