Holding counter values

Im using a counter node to fine tune values but when i close the patch and re-open the counter resets to zero. How do I save or hold those values after close? West sugested writing to a text file but Im a bit stuck after many tries.

Ive tried frame delay but run into the problem of the counter advancing each frame.

Ive attatched basic patch below.



COUNTER.v4p (5.9 kB)

see patch.

COUNTER.v4p (11.6 kB)

WOW, the Set Patch node is awesome! Thanks Bjoern looks pretty tidy to me!


Just a quick follow on to the same thread. Im trying to use the st patch node in several identical subpatches, but obviously each subpatch node has the same ID. Ive tried Woei’s clone patch Module but cant seem to get it to clone. Is the only way arround this by saving each subpatch with a different name? Or is there something clever we can do with the ID’s?