HLSL highlightting

Hi. I’m trying to learn HLSL and found, thats FX Composer syntaxis highlighting is really bad. Yes, i know vvvv have builtin hlsl editor, but i not really comfortable with it - bcs i really like Flashdevelop IDE (autocomplete and helpers - really good functions in it). Tomorrow i found, thats Notepad++ have HLSL support, but it’s little buggy. I fix some issues in it and now it’s works really well. But it’s not recognize some functions, bcs highlight module developer just dont add they. I add somme missing functions, but i think, not all. If devvvvs can share with me highlighting file from vvvv i can finish it and public on my userpage. I think more ppls can use it for daily coding.
Sorry for my bad eng and big thx.

P.S. I attached current version of highlighting file.

userDefineLang.xml (6.3 kB)

great work, you can check the file “hlsl.hgl” in vvvv’s effects folder, there are some keywords in it.

but i would rather use vvvv’s build in editor, becuase it directly compiles the shader and you see the result immediatly, thats an andvantage that no ide feature can beat…

Thx. I will check it.

Yes, autocompile in vvvv built in editor is great, but for learning writing and making body code i think n++ with autocomplite is better for me.With it, i can write basic code faster and with less errors. Than i can paste code to vvvv, debug it and tweak. A plane make hlsl.api (thats hold functions autocomplite rules) for n++ later.