HLSL Coding

Having no programming experience, should I instead of learning how to code HLSL first start with C++? After searching the internet for a couple of days all the tutorials I’ve looked at seem to expect the learner to already know a lot of the terms and ideology associated with C++.


Read some sections on basic C programming, Java would be very similar.
You would need only some very basic things from C like how to setup blocks, declarations, expressions, function calls.
i agree that some basic knowledge of C can help a lot when deciding where to put which kinds of brackets. anyway vvvv will make it easier to play around with HLSL than many C environments, so you could try to jumpstart in HLSL anyway…

C++ books would most probably be full with things which do not exist in HLSL, so dont follow this route…

Great thanks, this is the kind of answer I was expecting. Really helpful with the keywords too =)

For other people in the same boat as me I came across this rather nifty (free) program that helps with debugging.