Highlight single words in text

Hi All

I am quite happy with the Text (EX9) node, but I quite often return to the problem of highlighting a word or perhaps letters in the text. This is not normally possible in Text (EX9) so the single time where some students needed it, I made a quite complex system for them using glyphinfo and having each letter as a slice. And thus loosing some of what is cool about Text (EX9).

So unless I missed something obvious (please let me know) I have a feature request that individual formatting and coloring of a part of a string in Text (Ex9) is made possible.

This way it would be possible to highlight words using italic or color something similar.

just my €0.02


wasn’t there a change in Text (ex9) that, at least, it’s spreadable now? i can’t check atm but if i remember right, you can split your string into words and highlight them as you want…

of course you’ll need some Glyphinfo/Wordwrap magic in addition so, i support your request!

having looked at the code of the plugin i’d say that feature would heavily reduce performance of the plugin.
now its basically one dx function call.
for the single highlight feature one would have to do everything which you have to do now in the code. and coding wise you won’t know, if the user will use the feature or not, so the easiest coding way would probably be to call the function for each word and calculate the offset for each word…
sounds heavy, no?


The performance part is of course a problem.

But couldn’t that problem be solved by making two text nodes, Text (EX9) and Text (EX9 Advanced) where the regular one is fast but simple and the other one could be one being more flexible in relation to what you can do, like having individual formatting word and perhaps letter wise.

Then the user could choose which node to use and we could make a help patch the explains that if you just need lots of text without individual formatting, then the regular version of the node should be used.

or am i wrong?