Highlight link when an event occurs

Hey there,

When making lots of observable-based stuff, it’s kinda hard to see if/when something happens. Usually, you throw a HoldLatest here and there and create a Bang on the On Data pin to see when something happens, or create a ForEach (Reactive) and print something to the Console.

That’s a bit tedious though, and clutters the patch.

What would you think about somehow “highlighting” links carrying an event (be it an Observable, Subject, Channel…) when the event occurs? Obviously you don’t want to end up with a Christmas tree like patch with stuff blinking all over the place, so could be something subtle like the link going brighter smoothly to indicate that a event is flowing there?

… and now that we’re at it, what about doing that when any value carried by the link changes? Obviously that could lead to flashing stuff everywhere, but that could be a setting you enable for debugging, like CTRL + F9 and CTRL + SHIFT + F9 from the ol’ days. Kinda like a Changed node, but visualized on the link.




I think a Christmas tree mode would be awesome!

EDIT: perhaps with a official seasonal background that change over the year.

EDIT2: And you should not be able to change the background

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In cables they have a feature called Flow-Mode that can be activated by a shortcut to visualize the flow of data.

OT: I really like that drag-to-node-connect-pin-feature