High resolution audio file FFT?

Hello vvvv boys.

Is there user experienced in handling
“High resolution audio file” like 24bit/192khz on vvvv?

I want to FFT with high resolution audio (24bit/192khz).

plz help!!!

what kind of advantage do you expect from the higher audio quality in respect to the FFT analysis?

Not sure about that either, but FFT to image might be nice

For putting straight into shaders…


Sorry it remains to be seen.

I’ve been asked to make audio analysis visualization video from my fiends.
He makes music with 192khz/24bit (Hi-res Audio).
So, I hope to good use Hi-res audio feature for the project.

thx for good info.

I think so too.

I need some time to organize my thoughts.

My question

Is there any methods to FFT analysis for audio file(outside the human audible range(20hz-20khz) ?

FFT node has few pins if that helps, also u have bass audio nodes, witch are really good if u use them correct.