High-res rendering

hi guys,

i’ve been stitching and experimenting with the 2d/3d superformula
and just tried ampops high-quality rendering patch, but am stuck there.
for some reasons it just won’t split the image in the correct frames, always
a bit distortet. since i’m new to v v v v i got problems solving this on my
own, could anyone have a look at the rendering part? greetings, stilz

superformulaexperiment.v4p (59.0 kB)

your patch doesn’t work here because of missing externals.
recommended reading: howto make patches portable

Same here, everything external is missing.
but the first question that comes to mind:
why do you copy the contents of the Renderer (EX9.Grid) into your patch. It’s meant to be used as module and works fine a such…
Plus: your renderer has Antialiasing turned on. That creates problems when rendering to textures, because antialiasing is a post effect that doesn’t get rendered into a texture. To get antialiasing, just render in double resolution and use a photoshop batch to downscale each image (or the combined images) by exactly 50% bicubic. That’s the best antialiasing anyways…