Hide boygrouped renderer

i have several renderers (gdi, ex9) boygrouped but of course only one main renderer which goes fullscreen on the clients.

originally all renderers are hidden in the patch (host) but appear docked on the clients. downside is that escpecially the GDI renderer somehow interupts the main renderer in fullscreen (causing flickers) and let the windows mouse arrow appear on top of the image.

any idea how to hide those renderers when boygrouped ?

( using latest version of vvvv )

hi, had the same problem at the football globe, but after restarting everything all was fine. so try to start the boygroup again, i am also interested if its working then. strange anyway…

yeah did that already…no luck. could be something for the wishlist:

  • a pin for renderer appearance (hide, window, embedded)
  • a pin for depthbuffer format (as i use scenes with or without)

I second the depth buffer pin! I’ve come across that myself, did consider using setpatch, but I’m still a bit scared of it!

i can confirm the fullscreen problem on clients but i don’t know a workaround yet. mm…how about manually going fullscreen on the clients?

another related problem: always make the taskbar _not stay in front of other windows (because that usually lets the clock flicker through in fullscreen).