Hidden pin connections

messing around with pin visibility in subpatches may result in invisible connections (but links still do work, data is coming through)

(details explained inside the patch)

pin_connect_bug.zip (2.9 kB)

speaking of invisible connections:
ran across a weird behaviour in some old patch (attached a part that was causing it), and then after investigating the xml, found some “ghost” link… No idea how this might have happened though

transform_bug.v4p (10.9 kB)

just noticed now that it hides those pins and connections every time subpatch node is opened as window (rightclicked)

hei unc, thanks for your reports on this. just to let you know we can confirm this and have it on our list.

thanks for the report. fixed in latest alpha.

hi unc!

this is fixed in upcoming alphas.

uhm… * (transform) has a standard hidden Tranform Input Pin. You probably once replaced another transform node with this one. the connection stayed.

from now on the pin and the link show up, when in use. but are still hidden (even in inspector) by default.

also all cases of the pin_connect_bug patch should work now. please have a look at current alphas