HIDDecode node can only connect IObox to first X-axis pin

Posting this under bug, but it’s more likely I’m in error.

I’m using the HID nodes to get data input from a USB multitouch foil. When using the inspector on the HIDDecode node I am able to see all the touch point XY’s in separate pins. However, when I try to connect the separate output pins of the HIDDecode to something such an IObox the connection jumps to the first X-Axis/Y-Axis.

The attached patch shows my HIDDecode node.

HIDDecode pin connection bug.v4p (13.7 kB)

uk, the problem here clearly is that multiple output pins have exactly the same name, which vvvv cannot cope with.

now i am not familiar with that HID thing and the first question to answer would be if a user can change those names or if they are hardcorded into the HID-descriptor? if not user-editable we’d have to check inside vvvv if it would be an option to force unique pin names.

anybody with a wider understanding on HID with an idea on this?

Thank you Joreg, I have emailed Displax and asked for a firmware update.