HID USB-GameController


Anyone used or have an idea how to use an USB-GameController (like BETA Node “HID(Devices)”) in GAMMA?

Is there something already existing? - IO Devices, Stride API …
Is this the way to go? - https://www.nuget.org/packages/HidSharp/
any idea welcome


There is GameControlerSDL in Stride.Input, I haven’t tried it though.

Good Hint - with this Stride.API.InputManager I come further and it should be the way to go - better than my tryouts with some nugets BUT…

The IReadOnlyList from Events let me see all input events that happened since the last frame - NICE - all these is only working with “SceneWindow” highlighted.

and I also get some useful values - like a Bang for ButtonDown - but all this is a little bit new for me and I have some problems with this IReadOnlyList, CastAs - i think, I need a little bit help in connection these correct. In Helpbrowser is not so much about this and I try to find some patches which use these stuff for Learning (not so many F1 HelpPatches on Nodes)

So are there some helpful patches or tutorials in that way

I also miss some nodes from IController but I think this goes @tebjan

HID tryout.vl (27.2 KB)


Just peeked into Mouse [Stride.Input]. I guess one could do it in a similar way for gamecontrollers by adding IGameControllerDevice to VL.Stride.InputExtensions.GetDevices. And then have something like SplitMouseDevice [Stride.Input].



Yes - I also found and was thinking to rebuild this Mouse[Stride.Input.Experimental] for the Controller after I saw that InputManager and Events finds my Controller. I also found this IGameControllerDevice but I had no idea how I get them in the NodeBrowser.

After your hint to add it and your screenshot with AxisInfo …[External] I was searching again and realised that this CS files are also as DLL in the GAMMA folder “C:\Program Files\vvvv\vvvv_gamma_…\lib\Stride.Engine.dll” so I can add them Dependencies\Files\AddExisting so I can do on my own when I miss stuff from Stride and it’s not tebjan business - sorry @tonfilm didn’t know but now I know thx @bjoern

I’ll try now to go further in this direction and post a status later or tomorrow

After I found the IGameControllerDevice all worked out, like plug&play

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Forgot about this one:

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My Solution with IGameControllerDevice stopped working
In Gamma Version: 2021.3.3 all OK
In Gamma Preview: 2021.4.0-472 not OK not working

I remember there was a Preview where InputManager/GameControllers/… was working but I don’t know when it stopped - didn’t play with it for a while

really weird - when I start with Gamma Preview: 2021.4.0-472 not OK then Version: 2021.3.3 all OK then again Gamma Preview: 2021.4.0-472 it’s OK and running like it should - ?!? - I even tried with another system (the same procedure - the same result) - everything OK now, mybe I should go to bed

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