HID (Devices) vvvv50:red vvvv45:grey

I have a funny arcade Button Joystick Bundle with a controller Board, which is detected by Windows10 as HID-conform Gamecontroller
vvvv_45beta34.2_x86 - HID (Devices) help.v4p works
vvvv_45beta34.2_x64 - HID (Devices) help.v4p works

vvvv_50alpha35.18_x64 - HID (Devices) help.v4p doesn’t works
vvvv_50beta35.8_x64 - HID (Devices) help.v4p doesn’t works
vvvv_50beta35.8_x86 - HID (Devices) help.v4p doesn’t works

if it’s a joystick there’s also the native GameController node or I have an advanced version of that with all available data in mp.essentials as a workaround

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