HHHHelp a newbie

hi all, i’m new with vvvv (and this kind of prog) but i think it’s something powerful…if u know how it works!

i’ve read all doc,look at all patches but still i have some prblem with vvvv:

1_when i try to start a new patch with some x file,i dont see nothing in the renderer window. icopied the node from the x file help (this works) on a new patch but it does’nt work, so i tried to start a new patch, adding all the nodes manually but it does’nt work too(i follow the instructionon on the HowTo DX Rendering.htM)

WHY???maybe my graphic card???(but the help patch work so why?

please help me im loosing sleep and im becomin very nervous…:)


did the xfile load properly? did you input a valid filename/path?

if your patch is located in an other directory than the help-patch, where you copied the node from, you also have to change the filename for the x-file to load. right-click the pin “filename” and select from the menue.


this might help…
ur mesh is probably in the wrong position…behind the camera
have a look at the attached patch

vmesh3D.zip (183.5 kB)

tnx 4 the quick help,
but it doesnt work…icannot also rotate or scale the mesh…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

but when vvvv load a xfile, is it load in centre of the renderer or maybe i have to seek it?

this problem are becomin a nightmare…


P.S:michi are u italian?this is an italian diminuitive 4 michele…

tnx man ,this was the problem…

and now go on with the question…

i want to dynamic modify the mesh,maybe linkin with beat,but how can i do?

in a old post somebody (i think tonfilm but i dont remember now) writed to attach vertex buffer slpit or join and fft under xfile load, but i cannot do it directly,maybe i have to do something in middle?

tnx u all guys 4 the quick reply


try mesh (split) between your mesh/xfile and vertexbuffer (split)

check these links:



k…tnx u all but i think there is some problem with my pc…

i cant see any result in the mesh distorsion,and yes i have reload the file …
itisn’t the first patch i cantsee nothing,maybe vvvv dont like acer notebook…

i will try…and try …and try…if u have suggest…