Helppatches for filtering

a suggestion for helppatch improvement:

the wonderful helppatch “smoothen a noisy signal” should have the additional tags “filter” and “OneEuro”. i just spent quite some time finding it…
also: why not make this patch the default help-patch (F1 on node) for the OneEuroFilter node?

Furthermore: The Patches found in category/folder “Filter” (“Example MassSpring RK4 and Damper Comparison” and “Example Oscillator cyclic”) are not really helpful as they have no explanation whatsoever. they look like a leftover of some experiment…

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tags added, thanks.

this is already the case. you say the patch doesn’t show up for you when pressing F1 on the selected node?

it is indeed.
wrong alarm, i was pretty sure i tried this. probably user error :)

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