Helpfile for Tokenizer(String) uses RS232(Devices Legacy)

The helpfile for Tokenizer(String) in beta31.2 uses the outdated RS232(Devices Legacy) … could be confusing especially for newbies !?

I think, in the next release this should be replaced by a helpfile with the current RS232 node (for example like the attached one)

Tokenizer (String) help.v4p (13.0 kB)


Thank you for pointing that out. The helppatch will be rebuilt from the ground.


Nice one, but please keep that little example with the RS232 node there, it is my default copy/paste action when using the RS232 node. Or perhaps even clearer to add that example to the RS232 help patch.

Hi West,

i’ve seen that you’re using this RS232+Tokenizer snippet in your “Arduino to vvvv, a Paper Touch Interface” tutorial.

For the new helppatch: what if i remove the Switch (String Input) from the snippet and just connect the On Data of the RS232 (Devices) to the Update of the Tokenizer (String)?

What would you say?


Tokenizer_snippet.v4p (5.2 kB)

Yo Anton, yes, never knew what the update pin on the tokenizer was for, this makes much more sense now :)