Help with shortcuts in windows

my laptop has no middle mouse buttons, so i use shortcuts (saves time on going and finding/carrying an external mouse).

i cannot use the ‘save as’ shortcut (shift, ctrl, s) as it always opens up ‘hp system info’.

any ideas as how to stop this happening as it bugs the hell out of me!

[ HP pavilion tx2000, windows vista ]( HP pavilion tx2000, windows vista )

ai ksp,

you should check if there is an option to change/disable this shortcut in the ‘hp system info’. there usually is a way to do this and i don’t see another way to work around this. ah…you could try to uninstall it if you don’t need it…

thakyou, thankyou! (just learnt a new bit of windows.)

…deleted the keys shortcut in the Windows start prog shortcut links’ properties.