Help with project, color keying

I’m new to vvvv and it all looks very promising.
Currently I’m working on a small installation project which involves realtime color keying.
So my question is, is it possible for vvvv to do realtime color keying from a camera (type of camera is not yet decided upon, probably a cheap dv cam)?
Is it also possible to replace the keyed color with a different video source (like a svideo in from a tv card)?
And most importantly is it possible for somebody to rig something like this up in a short amount of time with no vvvv experience? (I have alot of programming and video experience though).
Thank you very much in advance.

check out User Shaders for 2 chromakey shaders, shouldnt be too hard to sort out…

…and also check out Catweasels @Catweasel!

First of all thanks for the replies,
Today I’ve had some more time to fool around with vvvv, and I find myself loving it more and more.
I’ve tried the suggestions you gave me and got some results with the chroma keying, I’m not there yet but I’m going to look into shaders and see if I can get a little closer to what I want.
Like maybe instead of a single HSV value go to a range between two values, but I don’t think this section of the forums are appropriate for that.

The possibilities are endless from what I’ve seen so I thought some of you with more experience with vvvv might be able to give me some pointers or suggestions on how to accomplish what I want to do.

So what’s the plan? It’s basically placing a box with a camera in the middle of the dancefloor for an newyears party.
The idea is that people go inside the box and become part of the visuals, I will be vj’ing and the results will have to become the background for the camera feed coming from the box.
I will create all my movies for the vj set in such a way that they seem to be projected on the inside walls of the box, so the perspectives of the walls of the box will already be in the movies.
I hope some of this makes sense to you, but that’s the basic idea.

Anyway, thanks for your time if you made it all the way trough this lengthy post, and any suggestions on this idea are more than welcome