Help with phone video

I am new but is it possible to connect say a Nokia E72 that has video out and show it on a PC screen?
cheers guys./girls for your help with this. Love the software but hey, I am new to this so need expert help


yeah no probs. you’d need to use a piece of hardware called a ‘scaler’ or a capture card for the PC and then use the VideoIn node connected to a VideoOut node inside vvvv.

Wow cheers xd_nitro for that advice and knowledge. I have a question, do you have a link or model that you would recommend? I guess this would have video input from the phone and you tell VideoIn node what driver to use that will except this video source. Sorry, but once I work this out with everyones help I will be hooked and read and read and play on my own until I understand it better.
Thanks for your help and taking the time in replying


if you wanna do it through a capture card into vvvv and then out to ya monitor, best read this page first. I’ve only ever used the Black Magic Intensity Pro before and it worked fine in vvvv and will capture you’re video out on your phone. Generally any capture card will work as long as it support WDM drivers and accepts the format PAL or NTSC. You’re phone is probably NTSC.

Once you have any capture card working it is as simple as creating a VideoIn(DShow9) and connecting it to a VideoOut(DShow9) then adjusting some properties.