Help with Kinect tracking


For my semester project I have to make an interactive performance and mine I have decided to use VVVV and Kinect. I have th Microsoft SDK installed (can’t get the openNI working). What I want to do is to have the performer be tracked and have a ghost-like form generated that will copy the performer’s movements with a small delay. However, I am very new to VVVV and it is causing me some trouble so I have some questions and would really appreciate some help. So far I have a black background with white dots for each joint (using the skeleton node).

My questions are:

  • How do I remove the bottom half of the skeleton so only arms and torso are visible?

  • How do I add some cool effects? (I really like the Spectral Kinect but since I can’t get OpenNI to work I haven’t managed to get the nodes working)

  • How do I add a delay to the tracking so the ghost-like figure’s movements are a bit behind the performer’s movements?

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