Help with a menu

hello all. its that time again :)
im trying my best to make a menu and have played with various approaches. thanks kalle and woie. i ended up finding and using the Button 3d Mesh nodes already bundled with vvvv. i have created the basic menu anyway… which is activated by hovering over a random object. i wish to merge this with a 2 x mousepoint function via the wiimote. i have the patch attached and the wiimote disabled so u can see what im on about…

shoudl i avoid 3d space altogether?

please ignore the crappy graphics, as im just trying to get everything up and running.

thanks for any help

Ps: can u help witht he problem down the very bottom too… what node do i use? im sure its pretty easy.

sorry attachement also

menu.rar (8.1 kB)

First thing I build using Glove-Pie was a mouse-via-midi (used Glovepie to build the mouse node) and it works easy and smooth.

well, not sure what you are up too, but if the big sphere is your button, you should use MAP (value) to map your -1,+1 mouse coordinates to something that is more suited for your 3D world.

Also, in the Button module (you can just open it by rightcliking) there is an Intersect node. The module works a bit like this: Check the transform from the Mouse with your buttons and make a spread off booleans.

When you have 2 mouses (1 real and one Wii) it is a bit the same like multi-touch. So you need to check ALL transforms for mouse 1 and the buttons, and for mouse 2 and all the buttons, means basicly you are doubling everything.

[ you read here]( you read here) every thing is explained, check the example patches from Tonfilm. Hope it helps.

great thanks for the help… i think my main problem is combining both 2d and 3d elements, and its confusing me. here is a breakdown of what i woudl like to achieve. (in this part anyway)

Two XY co-ordinates are taken from the Wiimote, from two Infrared gloves that i have built. the first finger on each hand is a pointer. when a point intersects with the ‘sphere’ the ‘donuts’ show up and i can select one by intersect that.

i think i can work out the above problem.

what im having trouble with is making the 2 cursors be visibile and interacting. i have tried mapping from -1 to 1, but unfortunately it does not seem to be relative to the other objects. i have achieved this on 2d space ok… but its the 3d that gets me…

thanks again for your help

quadpointer.v4p (49.3 kB)