Help, vvvv doesn't run

i have installed and used vvvv in the past on my laptop, but on reinstalling it recently i have been unable to make it work (trying different versions too). it gives me a d3d9.dll is missing message.

so i went hunting for d3d9.dll and it gives me another error message now. any light on the situation would be great! also is there any thing like vvvv for the mac?


From the download page:

nota bene:
Versions starting after 33beta12 need a recent (>August 06) DirectX runtime, which is available as a free download from, and others.

Even Windows Vista users with DX10 have to install DX9.0c. And you have to run vvvv at least once as administrator (rightclick on the vvvv.exe).

So try to install the last version of directx runtime should do the trick.