HELP! receive artnet from GrandMA 1

Hey guys
Im having a headache trying to receive artnet from MA1

I’ve tried (with ONPC and grandMA 1), setting the ip on 2.x.x, 10.x.x.

but the ma don’t see the artnet from vvvv when i try to scan it.
From vvvv y tried to send on every universe, on multiscast or unicast.

i’ve tried with a router and direct with ethernet cable.
there’s no firewall in the computer.

In wireshark I can see that MA sends some artnet packets when scanning, AND vvvv sends the artnet packets. but they don’t see eachother

I did this once, so don’t understand what the problem is.

Maybe the vvvv version ? ? I see that now you can set different artnet ports.

here you should find all info regarding artnet in vvvv:
DMX & Art-Net

does this help?


Did you checked the Universe and Subnet into the inspektor on DMX Artnet node, which are 0 and 0 by default ?

Just in case.


uuuuuuuuh, last time i saw a gMA1 is quite long ago.

i am very sure that this was related to some really silly ip-settings within the gMA. once you solved it you want to…ah…facepalm.

a short google search» points you to some lampy-forums.

i think your problem is solved here:
had a dejavvvvu while reading it

froze noize yaaaaa!

Hey, sorry I didn’t reply earlier.

Finally we just used MIDI out, which i dont like that much, but its ok.

I wasn’t able to test again as there was no time.

What Im thinking now, is that, if the Ma is using MA net, it’s not going to give artnet. Am I right ?

That’s the thing i want to check, but i dont have possibility for now.

will reply this thread again with news !

thanks guyss

GrandMA definitely IS able to send/receive Artnet.

but is able if its allready working on MAnet ?