Help Please!

hello! i just downloaded vvvv last week (the most awesome program i’ve ever seen btw) and im following the video tutorials on the tutorial section to start understanding it because i dont have experience with any type of programming, i just know how to desing and do 3d stuff in cinema 4d… but anyways back to the point: in this tutorial! (the second part of the sound reactive rope)when he opens the patch for the beat detector he uses a node called audiorecordselector, but in my computer it shows red and i cannot use it.

I’ve searched in the documentation and i think is a bug file, but i dont know how to fix it and make it work, this is really important because i was searching for a way to make live animations with audio input and project those (im the desingner of a band) and then i discovered vvvv!

so if anyone knows whats going on please help this newbie, cause im loving vvvv, it really could expand my creative possibilities to infinite!

PD: im not a native english speaker so if something isnt clear just let me know so i can make my point clearer.

are you under windows 7 ? you don’t need audiorecordselector though,
have you tried audio in ?


im on windows xp, dunno why isnt working, now the helpfile is diferent too, but i’ll try to finish the patch with audioin! thanks a bunch mates :D

i did the test but when i open the helpfile of audioin that happens, i dont know how to make it work either, there must be something wrong with the audiodrivers in my computer i guess?

this is the screenshow of whats going on

Do you see more options in XP recording properties? it’s the same option suppose to show in audiorecordselector. Please ensure audio drivers are installed and you are able to see stereo mix, line in, mic etc in the XP recording options, should solve.

thanks! i’ll check those out