Help me continue parasitic design (attractor)


i’m currently working on an environment for a large number of points that are being influenced by attractors and have a velocity/acceleration behaviour.

well, during my work i discovered that it has a large intersection with the M.4.0 section of “generative gestaltung”, which is exactly where the parasitic design codepack (which is implementation of the generative-gestaltung code for vvvv) stopped.

for the future i plan on an attraction toolkit - will get into detail here as my work evolves… but i would also be very happy to commit to the great parasitc design codepack, as well.
btw I’ve already taken the step to making it all GPU-based. my GTX285 can handle a million particles at 60fps (with very limited number of attractors, though). …but, it does make working on this thing more complicated.

what i was going to ask…:
is anybody still working to complete parasitic design? or working with attractions in any way?
i don’t like to confess, but i kind of loose myself in my project right now as it’s getting bigger.

as of now i already discovered a lot of very helpful contributions (ParticlesGPU, LineGPU, LiquidLight…) and built-in functions (Attractor.fx from addonpack, …) that had been inspiring or even partially reusable to me; but i’m sill kindof a newbe to HLSL, and furthermore i never had to go through a projects finishing phase all by myself.

so then… please help or at least push me to releasing that code.