Help! I need string value from text input box of Flash file

I am making text input box in vvvv like this Text Editor of website.
and started from using Typewriter(String).
but that have many issues.
I should writing text from keyboard fixed in box area.
but couldn’t solve problem with Carriage return Linefeed and wordwrap.
If I should use only nodes in vvvv, it would be very complicated.

so, I am searching another way to use Flash renderer.
I heard Flash could make text input box easily.

and vvvv could receive the text value using Flash?

I checked Flash renderer help patch.
and docs of

In docs, HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture) use google chrome engine?
wow, it is wonderfull. but HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture) couldn’t load static flash file.
is this possible?

and I think I can’t receive any value using Flash(Layer).
Flash(Layer) don’t have output values.

Third way, Renderer(Flash) have ‘Return value’ output pin.
This ‘Return value’ pin means from Flash?
and how can I receive value from Flash?
(I didn’t study flash and action script, but javascript.)

If you show me a simple example receving values from Flash text input box, I would be very appreciated.
or other solutions could make text input box in vvvv also would be nice.

bad english sorry.


Hey @sansui.

Oh god please dont use FLASH. It’s ancient technology!! If you need some way to get text input easily, you could get it from a html page. HTML already has all the stuff you need like input fields. You can style everything well and it runs on absolutely everything!

So from there I guess there is multiple ways, but one thing I am interested in anyway is to have a webpage send out and receive OSC messages. I just gave this a try: and at least the sending part works well with vvvv. For some reason receiving stuff in vvvv I have had no luck with yet, but I’m sure its something simple.

In your case I am sure there is something even more simple, which I haven’t tried yet. It would be great if I could run a website inside vvvv and get the console output as a string! That way to receive stuff from a website would be really easy. Let me see if this exists ;)

But whatever you do, stay away from flash if you want your sanity intact… :D

Hello again,

I just noticed that the Renderer (HTML URL) node has ways to get the values of form fields already, although I have no idea how it works and there is no help patch :/ It seems like exactly what you need and would make it super quick and easy.

Maybe you can post a new question on how to do it with the HTML renderer and input fields.

@seltzdesign, thank you veryvery much.
Ok, HTML use is better than Flash.
I tried to use Renderer(HTML URL) right now.
its Value of Form Element looks no real-time synchronous.
as you tried, though I changed values in HTML Renderer, I couldn’t receive changed values in vvvv.

also I have used HTML Texture(EX9. Texture URL) with HTML file included Form input tag.
but I couldn’t get yet.

and the way you introduced using OSC is interesting.
it need node.js. maybe I think there is no choice yet except using node.js.

thank you for comment.

Ok, if you need realtime input, then it makes sense.

Yes it needs node.js and I had never used them, but it worked straight away. Its really very easy to install and get up and running. Like I said, when I use the app.html that comes with it and try it with vvvv I can send stuff to the webpage, but I can not get anything to be sent to vvvv. If you find out how to do it, maybe you can let me know.

Good luck!!