Help! How to organize the incoming spread

Hello all,

i’m in trouble to organize a spread of data from an osc packet of motion trakking analysis…

the spread have 144 slices index:
1 number is X,
2 is Y,
3 is energy
these are the data of first point

4 is X
5 is Y
6 is energy
these instead are for the second point

and so on for max 48 point…
but when a point have x=0 and y=0 that point is null and it’s not been insert in the spreads.

so i need to divide all 144 number in 3 spreads that must be in synch
one for X,
another for Y
and last for Energy

i’ve attach the patch i’m working for this OSC packet with further info about the patch.

Every help is very appreciated

testMocolo.v4p (9.1 kB)

Hello e1n

try this 2 options , you can send the x,y,rotation with 3 osc tags that you should change in the other side , or ou can split the 3 spreads with vector node , have a lok at this patch is this what you needed ?

testMocolo2.v4p (11.6 kB)