[(?help?)] How to achieve a particular combinatoric for calculate the ratio of athe specific distance in VVVV


I want to calculate the ratio of athe specific distance from the two coordinates in a line.

I’ve tryed as below, but the problem is , In my case ,the number of values is variable. When I added the number of values , I have to add more nodes by hand, and It will take my time to calculate the difference between the sequences of their. Does anyone know how I could make it a little more automated ? For example,how can automatically get the corresponding results only when I change the number ?
Its rules are as follows:

hope someone can have a solution to this problem immediately,thankyou

myCombinationsPath.v4p (141.4 kB)

Eh… you lost me at combinatoric…

On the first point I think you’re stuck with cons-ing until one of the devs writes a bin pin for the combinator node.

On the second you are taking the x and y coordinates away from eachother rather than the vectors; you should have 2 vectors (xy,xy) for each sum, and try them in point2vector and the length should get you towards the answer you’re looking for.

The ratio aspect depends upon what they’re in proportion too, which I couldn’t follow, but I’d love to know how you’re using this algorithm.

I hope this was helpful.



ggml, that’s fine for the input but the problem is the combination node will still compare all of the numbers put into it. What is desired is that numbers A-E will output a set of combos and then F-L will output another set.

this is exactly what a Bin Size pin would do, unfortunately the combinatorics nodes don’t have one. so you can either try to code one into the nodes or you ask another developer to do it for you. i do not see any other way to change the size of the sets dynamically…

Ok here you go. Didn’t have time to test though. So please do and report back. If it works properly I will make a pull request so the changes make it into the addonpack.

It’s an x86 build. Just replace the dll in:


(after you’ve made a backup of the original)

CombinatoricsNodes.7z (6.4 kB)