Help gracias!

WEll this is my first project that Im doign at the moment with vvvv :)) needs some guiding…

I just want to to start with something easy, play around:

I have something aldready which interact with my mouse: I move it through the “GDI -render” right!? and creates some patterns

__#FF0000:Well now I want to use instead of “my mouse”, “my people”!!
Imean I want so people passing by the screen trigger the shapes ont he screen.~~~~

Its something that most all the ppl here has seen before…but as I say I just want to get into vvvv, learn more about it…

So far Ive the mouse-patch and motion tracking patch ( use a freeframe?)

Then how I can connect them to each other so the trackingdata trigger my shapes on the screen?

Gracias amigos!



best have a look at some trackers here. trautner, color or contour might be a easy way to start, depends on the background you have. to see how they can be connected have a look at the helpfiles.

i’m sure we can help more if you attach your patch :)

hi PHL!! thank you for yr reply!

Well as I said before Im just playiny around with well known patches. Im attaching these 2 patches that I want them to communicate to each other.

Have look! :)

F/ (73.7 kB)

I never used the CamShiftTracker, but if it gives you the results you want to have (I guess the people’s position), just use the X/Y Outputs from the tracker instead of the X/Y Outputs from the Renderer (Mouse).

You should be clear about which values you want to get from the tracker/how the people should be able to interact with your shapes.

And if your vizualisation is about to become more complex, you should use the ex9 renderer, because of performance and possibilty issues :)