Help for Interactive Fiducial based installation

Hi good people!!!
I’m developing an interactive application for showcasing my design projects.
The idea being, a fiducial(one for each project),which when placed on the table renders nice nodes each for a design process involved. What I am trying to figure out is a way to create an organic UI. To say, when a fiducial is placed, twines evolve from the fid., and pops a circular node at the end. Tapping on the relevant node opens the info pane.
Flash seems to be the best option, but the objective is to achieve this completely in VVVV.
Skill level: Mid-level
Thanks a ton!!!

Basically, I am stuck at creating the “Evolving Twines” for starters… any help???

maybe you can have a look at the lindenmayer node…or some splines node…

rough sketch of what you up to will be a good start i think…

sure will check that node out…
if someone can point any reference patch with this organic graphics, it would surely help me.
I’ll be posting my patch soon…
Thanks people!!!

“Evolving Twines” not really helpful since only you know how they should look like…

@antokhio: pretty much like
got some pointers from this thread:
I am looking for a simple solution for basic animations… like a circle fades-in while appearing… dashed line growing from start point to the end…
hope this helps in clearing the question!!
Somewhat like the coffee cup animation here:
Thanks again!!!