Help for an exciting project

Hey guys,
I´m looking for someone who can help me to set up my bachelor project (in Germany). It´s an exciting artistic and social work about communication and I want to vizualise it with vvvv. Is someone out there who can help me or give me a hint where I can get vvvv skills as a service?
Thanks for your answers!

Hello Kirsten,
Please write your project idea in brief, you shall get the best help possible here.

Thank you, Urbankind, I´ll try to explain: I´m interviewing people that have a special way to communicate, they are artists, have a special job, difficult living conditions or a handicap (for example deaf people). The topic is: What is your code?
I´m thinking about vizualising the different characters with vvvv images or clips. But with only one patch. I want to define “attributes” like “open-minded”, “compunctious”, “withdrawn” and so on, and than modify the patch and have a different impression and feeling for every person I talked to.
But my major is design and I just know the vvvv basics, so it has to be a collaboration. What can I do?

Hello Kirsten,
Its still not clear about what needs to be done. Try to provide some reference if any. I assume some type of data is collected from each person you interview and those data types are transformed into abstract art? The idea sounds elegant but not close to my understanding yet.

If you only know VVVV basics, then this project would be a good exercise to learn more than what you know today. Feel free to ask as we all are learning someway.

yes I am up for helping you with this project, too.

The way to go would be to narrow down the things that you want in the patches to something that you can do on your own in your time-frame. so if you want to include video in your patch, you should start with that and if you have some quantitative data you could go first with that, too.

keep it simple!