Help finding help about basic patch browsing

is there a help page explaining why stride render windows still run patch content after i seem to close parent patches ? is there an overview window like beta’s root ?

you can use the project explorer CTRL+J.

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patch is still running somewhere with empty sollution explorer

if you don’t find the document still open under “All Documents”
then this could as well be a bug. in this case it would be interesting to hear how exactly you came into this state.

If you add VL file via add file and you have some nodes in root patch of added doc that will evaluate, might that the case

How did you close the patch(es)? If you “just” closed the patch tab in the editor by clicking on the its close button with the mouse or via middle mouse button click, you’ve only closed a/the view on that patch but not the document itself. To properly close it, use Ctrl+W (or do it via menu).
The behaviour is counter intuitive and I still struggle with it sometimes, even after years of use.
Closing a tab/view of a patch that isn’t referenced somewhere else should also close the document imo.
IIRC this has already been discussed before somewhere.

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