Help file to use this node

it would be nice to have some examples of this node; i don’t understand which device is supported, as i found LD2000 configuration with both qm2000 or Flashback3 (FB3-QS)…

ld2000 seems to be more the software package than the interface (please check this)


The LD2000 Node has been written and tested with the qm2000 pci board.

LD2000 is a software library though, that might have been used in conjunction with other hardware, that I don’t know.

I don’t have the computer with the board installed here atm, and it will take a while until I get back there again, but then I could compile a helppatch.

The thing is, there are youple of very proprietary conventions made in the ld2000 library, that make certain pins of the node not so easily understandable.

If you have the board installed though, it should be fairly easy to get everything up and runnning.

In the long run, it would make sense to write a plugin that takes care of a lot of things that ld2000 does (like adding blanked points etc), in order to a) access more parameters B) use cheaper hardware.

  • eno

Thanks eno!
I’m lucky enough so i met some people with qm2000 board available for tests, and yes the idea to work with cheaper hardware would be nice!
In that case one should just install Ld2000 drivers and work with theyre algorithm, right? (dunno if possible)
I will do some tests at the end of this month and will let you know soon, hope that features such as blanking are functional.
I have little experience with ILDA devices, bought a Minilumax device and tested on a cheap laser, need blanking implementation of course, lots of jitters by now.
where are you from anyway? I write from Milano, Italy
see you soon

I requested Ld2000 sdk, think that would be useful? if needed i can share that in few days…

Hi eno, I succesfully interfaced with qm2000 board, tried a few tests, like points, lines, and 3d object, I have to say that some pins are mistery to me, not the meaning but how do I use them, especially for blanking, can you suggest me a way to blank unnecessary lines? I guess a min-max points distance treshold could produce a right index to follow, but what about blanking and cornering pins? thx
PS_I requested Ld2000 SDK should get by the end of next week, will