Help discover vvvv and have some bug with interface

I’ve just starting using vvvv and i have big problems with interface.
every time i make double right clic to create node bang toggle… the menu
is diplaying masking the function i’d like to take.
could you help me

you left the chat - does that mean your problem solved itself? :)

no it’s just because i’d going to sleep in front of my computer !
but i did’nt solve the problem

i don’t get what you’re saying here. which menu? which function? can you probably screenshot the problem? best place to start

hi joffo; third button displays menu ( molette souris).
if you want to take snapshots, use the menu to remind you the shortcuts ( Ctrl 1)

there is also a french translation of the documentation here ( are you joffo 78 ?)

hi karistouf yes i am
my problem seem to be a bug
whenever i try to right clic to create a bang or toogle for example the same menu of the “molette” button appeare that mask the over windows

do you have some kind of a special mouse?
or do you use Autohotkey?
What OS do you use?

go to control panel --> mouse and see if you messed up something there.

i’ve got a microsoft wireless mouse and i’m under win7 64bits
i don’t use any soft else

seems you have space jammed, cause space + right click is middle button in 4v

what do you mean with space jamming

that is curious is it work when i’m beginning but it starts after some operations

hum, maybe you have a special mouse ?
any mouse menu ?

( happy to see you around )


antkhio meant that maybe your “space”-key was stuck.
“space”+ rightclick is the same like middleclick.
but you would have noticed this earlier.

look into your windows mouse settings.
i am almost sure the problem is there.

hey karistouf did you notice that i posted a message on your forum ?

no ? in wich topic ?

about your mouse: is it ok now ?

Its seems to be ok but i don’t know why.
my post in your forum is in schwartzpeter reseau.
i’d show you a little video that show how i cont know rol dmx circuit with a wiimote in schwartzpeter via usine and udp protocol:
Have a look

i have some questions to ask in french about vvvv. Do you know where or who can i ask ?

hi joffo, didnt noticed that you and tourtour were ONE. good topic.
did you noticed that whitecat was arduino talking ?

about “in french questions”: we can have discussion on whitecat forum in ressources folder, but i will be the only one to answer you.
Better is to see at codelab:, where desaxis mundi and others are doing great job, in french.