Help debugging patch

Hallo got this patch working for 3 years now bugging me, btw I could not fetch older vvvv versions, something wrong with the file downloads? Any help appreciated. (1.1 MB)

Some subpatches are missing

Yes sorry, late night debugging, I have found out the Mouse(WIndow) node to cause the issue and using the Renderer Mouse State insteas fixed but still a bit too slow, and some error popping up in TTY, I ll repost later on. Thanks

So the issue is that the point editor works but it fails when loading saved xml files. (1.3 MB)
Back to 39.1 no issues.

Editor seems to be still broken in latest beta40 preview, same issue, that is no xml file loading.

opened the .zip and found a mess. please don’t just throw things at us like this. as always: please reduce your problem to a minimum and write detailed, step-by-step instructions regarding how to reproduce. then you know we’re always happy to help.

Hallo Joreg, maybe I have not made that clear, sorry. The issue has nothing to do with my patch, as mentioned I got it working reverting to 39.1
To reproduce the issue just open any version of the Bezier Editor and try to save the XML file containing the points data, as far as I can see that happens from 40 onwards.

confirmed. saving/loading of editors is broken in beta40 but already fixed in beta41 previews. can you please check that on your end and confirm?

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