Help - correct classification of data in v4 to control rotation of servomotors

Hello together,

I have an urgent problem, hope to get some help, cause in about two weeks everything has to be ready for a presentation.
I would really appreciate if somebody could check my filter.

My approach tries to control servo motors connected to an arduino, where the rotation degree correspond to my earthquake magnitude events. So my servos (which have a pushrod connected) work as an earthquake gauge or oscillator. For my project I needed to filter my time sequenced data by region, and than assign a rotation degree for the magnitude parameters. After each rotation/amplitude, the servo has to go back to 0.

I´m not sure if I got all data filtered correct. In generell it is synchronal to sound and image (not added here). But it seems that some events do not get an output. (With data that have the same values after one another, I had a hard time banging them as a single slice/outcome.) For working, I divided the region in two parts, with two motors. But later should be segmented more in detail, and with many more servos.

A question to the servos. The two motors I´m using so far, work ok, but it seems they are on their speed/reaction limits. So I got two digital servo motors with a speed of 0,11s/60°, but they don´t respond. Anybody knows about that problem, or what should be considered?

Many greetings
sueniii (43.1 kB)