Help browser should include Gamma usage help

Unless I missed something it looks like the help browser is mostly a Node reference/demo browser.

I am missing help section on using Gamma inside the software as someone who has only briefly looked at VL over the years and find it hard to get started without any guidance.

Perhaps include the Grey Book along with UI/shortcuts-scheat sheet?


That’s exactly what I thought. I had expected F1 to help me get started, but that’s not what it’s doing. Example patches are cool! But a general help/documentation inside the software would be cool, too.

absolutely. the help browser is kind of the center where all different types of help (reference, howtos, explanations, tutorials, demos) will be coming together.

Wild thought:
Once when making an internal tool for a client instead of just documenting everything by myself together with the other developers what I did instead was make the help system a kind of in software wiki so the users(designers) could also organically build up the documentation together with the programmers.

Of course in the case of gamma docs you would need to have some kind of moderation/approval for it to work in order to have good quality.

I do realise you probably have enough to work on already though :)

@beyon please check latest 2019.2 previews. shortcuts and more are now included in the helpbrowser.

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