Help Browser behaviour

Two things regarding the help-browser (tested with 0193):

When Gamma execution is paused (e.g. due to an exception) it also pauses the help browser. While this might make sense application-wise, it kind of feels broken (like the application froze due to a crash). To newbies, it might not be clear immediately that “pause” is a deliberate state. But since the pause-button is in a different window (and not very prominent imho) this is not obvious.
I’d argue to keep the help browser responsive even in “paused” state.

Help-Browser window in background:
When having gamma in the background (i.e. another windows application is in focus) and bringing it to front, the help-browser does not come with it. Even worse - when hitting F1 (when patch window is in foreground but help browser is in background), nothing happens - as if the help-browser does not exist.
That does not feel right to me -> the browser should come to the foreground with the patch window (or at least come to foreground by hitting F1 again)


one more issue that I had with recent fresh installs (at least 0193 and 0211):

when starting gamma, only the patch windows appears to me, even though “ShowHelpOnStartup” is set to “True” in the settings.xml. Hitting F1 or trying to open the help browser from the quad menu does not do anything.

However, when I

  • quit
  • edit the settings by to false
  • restart

everything works as expected (also when the setting is set to true for the next restart).
kind of weird and hard to reproduce.

good points, thanks for reporting!

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these are now fixed, part of 2021.4 preview 444

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