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Hi all
I give up trying to do this on my own.
I’ll pay anybody US $100 to make me a patch that will take a video feed (say a webcam or filestream) and send it multicast over a network and another patch for a second computer to receive this stream and display it (either either videoout or videotexture)

I tried using BigFug’s plugins and got close, I probably messed up with some setting somewhere so if you use them you’ll have to provide specific instructions on how to use them.

Once it’s done and we are both satisfied I’ll post it here again under a creative commons license (share and share alike)



halo acegas.

i have to admit it is a bit tricky due to some vvvv/freeframe strangenesses. but it works!
i prepared a package that hopefully gets you started.

such basic help is still for free, as time permits…

I have tried to do similar with asstring(texture) and udp, but it seems to max out, I’d actually be intrested in getting that working even with low frame rates, is actually possible, by breaking it into samller peices or is there just too much data?

It works!!! Great!

Man I owe you big, I wouldnt have never figured out the port number nor the cfg file

You Rock!!!


thx for that package joreg.

ive tried it and copied the streaming dlls to vvvvs freeframe folder. but they dont apear there! i even tried to dragndrop them, but nothing!

this is what the error log says:

00:00:53 * : couldn’t find/create node C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\pjost.GG.000\Desktop\vvvv_33beta11.1\freeframe\fugStreamSend.dll (ID: 1) in patch 0.v4p ////. deleting action.
00:01:01 * : couldn’t find/create node C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\pjost.GG.000\Desktop\vvvv_33beta11.1\freeframe\fugStreamReceive.dll (ID: 2) in patch 0.v4p ////. deleting action.
00:01:05 * : couldn’t find/create node C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\pjost.GG.000\Desktop\vvvv_33beta11.1\freeframe\fugStreamReceiveSource.dll (ID: 3) in patch 0.v4p ////. deleting action.

im using vvvv11.1 and the latest bigfug plugs. other freeframe filters (petes for example) do work without no problems!

maybe its because i got the wrong path for the config file? i got no my documents on my machine because its a german windows…?

I’ve got the same problem, they appear in the list of node’s but when you try and create one, nothing appears, a bit like the mystery .fx files that do the same…

ahsory. i forgot to mention what the fugStream coder mentioned in his readme:

NOTE: Because I’m currently using VS2005, the DLL requires MSVCRT80 installed properly, and will complain if it can’t find it. If you have this problem, you will need to install this:

i installed that microsoft stuff but still no luck…

at leat the plugins show up in vvvv, and the receiver node even works but not so the sender…
if want to crate a sender node nothing happens…

if the sender node cannot be created in vvvv probably the .cfg file is not in the right place. doublecheck that it is there and has correct content.


I had this plugin working fine on my old network. When I upgraded to gigabit, it stopped. After several hours of poking about testing UDP and TCP was working fine I eventually googled out the solution :

[|Problem Description

Link download with more info

Direct link to download

Hope this help someone.

VJ SpanK
(reregistered as yiffable cuz I can’t remember my password and I can’t retrieve it cuz it claims my email is not configured…)

See VideoStreaming if you still have troubles getting it to work.

I’m trying to get it working without much luck.

It is asking me for some dlls (avutil-50.dll, swscale-0.dll) and i put them on Windows/system32 but nothing worked either.

I would like to know if it was working on Vista or XP or 7??
should this matter at all?


puig seems to have found a solution to his troubles, see this thread.