Hello, I have a question regarding stride, PBRMaterial and Metalness

Hello, I have a question regarding stride, PBRMaterial and Metalness.
Maybe is a bug, maybe is my mistake. I have noticed that there are problems with the conversion of the Metalness material on PBR Material. If I pipe in a value between 0-1 or even higher, it works fine. If I pipe in my Metalness texture, it doesn’t translate correctly. I tried to look at the Stride documentation, but there is not much there. Now I also downloaded Stride as standalone to understand it better. Here you can pipe either Glossiness or Metallness into the shader as a texture.
But it works: Metalness is interpreted correctly. Can anyone help me out with that?

Please attach a patch (and assets) showing the behaviour.

I am a new user so I will send you a wetransfer-link:

Looks like the metalness texture is inverted for some reason. So either invert the file or use Invert [Stride.Textures.Filters] to do it patch-wise.


Thanks Bjoern! I have just remembered that this is a common mistake with this type of texture.

And I have a another question: Does there is a way to show the uvs of a mesh as a 2d texture?

Open a new thread for that please.