HDV via FireWire as VideoIn

Does anybody know if and how it is possible to use a HDV-Camcorder in 1080i HDV-mode connected via FireWire400 to the PC as VideoIn in vvvv ?

I thought that this should be no problem at all, but I am somehow struggling.

All hardware components seem to work.

  • when setting the HDV-Cam (Sony HVR-Z1E) to DV-mode (meaning normal PAL resolution of course) the camera works normal with vvvv
  • capturing with HDVSplit or other editing programs from the camera in HDV-mode works without problems

In HDV-mode the camera simply does not install as working directshow compatible device. Other applications like amcap are also not able to work with the camera/stream.
I already googled the internet and found thousands of threads and tips, but nothing pointed me into a working solution.

Any ideas/experiences out there ?


Not sure if this could work, but maybe QuickTime Pro is able to provide the HDV feed to the rest of the system. Very vague guess though …