HDMI Grabbing


I want to read a hdmi stream in v4, which card could do this direct to a videIn node?

any recommendations? thanxs.

you could go through this listing of capturecards:
video hardware links

maybe someone can recommend something from personal experience, it is annoying to order equipment that will not do the job…

there are Blackmagic Decklink cards with HDMI Inputs…

Please note, the blackmagic cards work super, BUT, they are VERY sensitive for the type of MOTHERBOARD they accept. Out of the 6 pentium I7 machines I have tried only the last one worked with my Intensity Pro PCI card, because I ordered that one from. the list.

The Decklink cards work pretty well especially with those contributions:




But also be aware of HDCP ( Copyprotection in HDMI ), just in case you want to stream some HDCP content or sometimes some players have HDCP enabled by default.

Hey mr Gap,

i have a Blackmagic USB3 external HDMI Input Device collecting dust.

Its very picky with USB3 Controllers and drivers but if you want i can give it to you for testing.

Its working on my laptop but only with “modified” USB drivers. If it works its great. If not… well ive complained in great detail on the Blackmagic Forum.