Hd video mixer with vvvv?

I was contacted by a small rental company because they are looking for a cheap video mixer solution, they asked me if its possible to mix video with vvvv in realtime… does anybody done this before ? that is the hardware needed and the problems that i migh have ?

You could try with two blackmagic decklink cards in one mini sized desktop PC and control via midi. Might run into problems with page tearing.

If you’re talking video files then you need some SSDs or HDDs in RAID. If you’re talking video feeds that like Meierhans said blackmagic is pretty cheap you don’t even need vvvv if that’s all you need to do: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/atemtelevisionstudio/

Two intesity pro cards will work these days. Or there are the datapath card that allow 2 dvi inputs. Or as far as a hardware box, there is the tvone c2-750. Be carefull saying that you can mix sources that have hdcp on them.
If all you need is composite mixing you could use a haupauge card (win xp only) which only cost around $5 these days.

Using the blend.fx shader is awesome to mix with as you have many overlay methods to choose from.

So what do you consider cheap? And what are the sources you will mix? There is a good list of video hardware in the documentation.

d00gie 2 intesity pro will work fine on vvvv ?
and do you know if vvvv can take as an imput at least one imput from the Atem Television Studio from blackbagic ? if that the case, i think i will go for that one

I got my hands on one BMD intensity pro, it works, but in my case it was super stuttery in vvvv. it worked like a charm in BMD’s software.

but I recall reading about a video mixer like software you could use if you got two intensity cards, perhaps that would be a solution.