HD Graphics Serias & Antialiasing Quality


on HD Graphics 3000/4000 (like the Surface Pro), “Antialiasing Quality” of Renderer(EX9) is selectable only “NONE” or “1”. not be shown other value (2~8).

i’d like to choice other quality level.

is there someone who has solved this problem?


the enumeration of available antialiasing qualities is reported by directx. so if there is only one in the list, then the graphiccard does not support more.

thanks, i know the mechanism. i guessed the list gets from D3DMULTISAMPLE_TYPE and the CheckDeviceMultiSampleType function.
however, sometimes there is a meddling optimization from some graphics setting application (such as NVIDIA Control Panel).
so, i’d like to know a workaround if anybody solved the problem on Surface or Macbook Air.

the reason of why i’m saying such things & i’m not satisfied is…

  • i’ve read this page (https://communities.intel.com/thread/31912)
  • then i think Intel HD Graphics 4000 has ability to support 4xMSAA or other MSAA.
  • so i’m suspecting there is meddling optimization and if so there is some workaround.
    i guess there are many(not a few) vvvv users using Surface or MacbookAir and someone has tackled this problem.

have you tried with DX11 renderer as well?

ohhh, Renderer(DX11) correctry shows “AA Samples per Pixel” (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32).
and it is working very well.
so…, what’s the difference betweeen DX9 and DX11 ?

also, i tried latest vvvv x64 & x86 then their behavior is as same.

so it would be interesting if you find any other dx9 application that reports AA quality levels differently than vvvv.