Having Trouble While Installing vvvv gamma

Greetings to all, This is Kareem, a new member on this forum. I am having a problem on my PC while installing vvvv gamma. When I am trying to install this on my PC, I am getting this error message “Unable to make changes to your software, The software change returned error code 0x643.” I dont know why I am getting this error. Could someone please help to resolve the issue? Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

that sounds odd.

  • what windows version are you on?
  • can you show us a screenshot of the error?
  • do you have a chance to test this on a different machine?


I am unable to share here the screenshot. But after posting the thread here, I searched on Google for resolving the issue and came across this guide and followed this command


Then repaired the .NET Framework. After doing these methods, I tried to install the software and I have no longer any issues while installing.

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