Have VL nodes show up when you type a vvvv name

so cons (muscle memory) becomes concat
gamma become pow
I think bascially you need tags on your nodes so that we can become familiar with the NowWithAddedVL renaming of everything that we’ve been used to, more easily, and more importantly swap between them easier.
Friendly names are going it seems so at least give us a break and add some non programmer tags to help.

ai cat,

tags is of course exactly what we do have for nodes in vl, just as we do in vvvv. and we’ve actually added quite some already exactly for that purpose. e.g. you’ll find the Replace [String] node in vl if you type ‘substitute’ which is the vvvv name for the same operation. to name just one…

unfortunately we cannot not really automate this but need to find all those manually, so thanks for the Gamma->Pow pointer and whenever you find something like this just let us know an we can add a tag easily.

also we’re maintaining this page: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/reference/getting-started/beta/introduction-for-vvvv-beta-users.html

kinda off-topic, but here is how you can add tags to your own nodes: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/reference/hde/documentation.html

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