Hap nrt

framecounter + doseek=1 will not move the hap player in nrt mode. any suggestion?

now that hap is pretty default format in vvvvj land, can we have the NextFrame pin update every frame ?
as it stands, NextFrame will update only if previous frame = 0
this way we could have lossless nrt recording from hap sources


is this feat problematic to implement ?
is there a way users could help pushing this through ?
hap has become pretty established and many times existing footage is to be written in new frameprecise compositions

hello @ggml, for nrt you need to disable framedrop.

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@rayment how can you do that ?
not seeing a framedrop pin in either nodes of the playback pipeline

someone has hap working in nrt ?

bumping this thread as there is an update coming

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